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Located near Nashville, TN, The Hermitage was the home of Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States from 1829-1837. He developed his hatred for the British when, as a youth serving in the American revolution, he refused to clean the boots of a British officer. The officer responded by striking Jackson across the face with his sword. Jackson gained early notariaty as a lawyer & later as a successful military leader distinguishing himself during the War of 1812 by defeating the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Sam Houston & Davey Crockett served under Jackson during this campaign. Jackson would later secure his greatest victory at the Battle of New Orleans, where his 5,000 troops defeated 7,500 British. The British suffered 291 dead, 1,262 wounded & 494 captured or missing while the Americans suffered only 13 dead, 39 wounded & 19 missing. This astonishing feat would make Jackson a national hero & later secure him the presidency. His military career continued during the Seminole Wars in which Jackson attacked the Spanish at Pensacola. The wars would continue until 1858 but Jackson's contributions would, in no small measure, help bring about Florida's admission to the Union in 1845. His toughness on the battlefield would earn him the respect of his troops who declared him to be "tough as old hickory". His toughness would extend beyond the battlefield where he engaged in a number of duals, some to the death. Jackson's presidency would be marked by the formation of the Second Party System dominated by the Whigs assembled by Henry Clay & Jacksonian Democrats who championed the cause of "the common man". His followers would be the foundation of the modern Democratic Party. Jackson's signature accomplishment as president would be the dismantleing of the Second Bank of the United States by vetoing the renewal of its charter. Though extremely controversial in his methods & personality, Jackson's "hickory-wood" toughness would prove essential to the taming & modernization of the western frontier.
The Hermitage: Home of Andrew Jackson
Gazebo on the grounds of the Hermitage under which lies the remains of Jackson & his beloved wife Rachel
The Hermitage
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