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Balanced Rock
Broken Arch
Double Arch
Three Gossips
La Sal Mountains
Skyline Arch
Cove of Caves
Arches National Park
Delicate Arch
     Without a doubt one of the most breath taking sights you can ever hope to behold is Arches National Park. With its gravity defying rock formations, spectacular arches & awe inspiring landscapes, Arches provides an experience bordering on spiritual. It is certainly one you will never forget!
     Arches are mostly comprised of Entrada Sandstone, and thankfully so because it gives them a beautiful red color. They are typically formed through a process of acid dissolution. Deep cracks penetrate into a sandstone layer. Rainwater mixes with atmospheric carbon dioxide forming a weak acid that seeps into the cracks weakening the calcium carbonate cement in the sandstone isolating narrow walls or fins. Alternating frosts & thaws cause the sandstone to crumble until an opening appears. Rockfalls & weathering enlarge the holes and erosion continues until the curved arch is formed. Here is a sampling of the many arches, rock formations & other sights that Arches National Park has to offer. Click on a piture to enlarge.
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Me at Arches Entrance